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Testimonials from some of my past pupils

Izzy HammondIzzy Hammond
I appeared in the Sunday express national newspaper January 2018.
Mindy Hammond wife of Grand Tour star Richard Hammond wrote an article about Izzy, their eldest daughter's driving test experience in the Sunday national expesss newspaper January 7th 2018. I taught Izzy to drive and she passed with me. This is what her mum said about me:

"Faraz is Izzy’s wonderful driving instructor, who has become a really good friend. He’s so unlike any instructor I’ve ever known. In his twenties, and definitely on her wavelength, he has taught Iz with such patience and professionalism, yet always made it a fun experience."

Muhammad KarimMuhammad Karim
First Time pass
Beautiful drive by Muhammad Karim in the wet. First time pass again. The greatest pleasure for me is seeing my clients with a joyous reaction when they pass their driving test. On to the next one.

First time pass
Wonderful start to the week. Monday morning pass by a wonderful man. Matt showed gut and determination during the morning traffic and passed with flying colours. Well done

Seki PrasadSeki Prasad
First time pass
Seki displayed talent through his 2 months of lessons. Started from moving off and stopping to the very end. True display of hardwork and dedication paying off. Brilliant

Lesson progress
Wonderful individual. Full of high spirits and moving along very well with his lessons. Sean opted in for the semi intensive course. His driving is getting better by the day. Progress upon progress Test date all booked. Working towards that big day. Keep up the high spirits 👍

Gemma Gemma
Lesson progress
Gemma has shown wonderful improvement in only her second lesson. She took time away from driving for a couple years Now getting back in the mix of things. She has shown very good ability so far. Keep it up gem

Another satisfied client. Charity was not too pleased with her previous instructor and felt her driving was not up to standard. Having taking charity right back from the beginning of moving off and stopping. She has pulled through beautifully to the point where she is at a advanced stage of driving now

Faults fixed, Test booked and preparing for the big day.

Keep up the good work Charity

A very courageous and talented young lady.

Anne booked herself a semi intensive course with myself with no driving history what so ever. Suffering from anxiety she has battled through tremendously to the point where I have very little input in terms of correcting her driving. She drives back and forth home, half hour radius each way Covering roundabout single carriageways and more.

Ldc workbook and skills dvd playing its part too

Without a doubt she has talent Test booked in. Preparing for test

Keep up the good work Ann

Victor was unhappy with his previous instructor as he felt his time and money was being wasted.

Booked in a test booster course with myself and we at LDC have his test booked. Currently carrying out an assessment lesson and preparing for test day

I strongly believe in keeping a genuine relationship with clients without misleading or wasting time.

First time pass

First time pass

First time pass


Ajay ColeAjay Cole
First time pass

First time pass

First time pass

Dominic CoundDominic Cound
First time pass

Leonie LaubmannLeonie Laubmann
First time pass